What is Lycopene?

Lycopene is a natural pigment primarily occurring in tomatoes, which is synthesised by some plants and micro-organisms. Doubtlessly, the biggest claim to fame of lycopene is its antioxidant properties. Due to all of the above, it possesses unique attributes since it prevents cardiovascular and degenerative diseases, strengthens the immune system and has an anti-aging effect.

How Lycopene is obtained?

Tomates del Guadiana uses an exclusive, fast and environmentally friendly extraction process. In this procedure, named Fluid Mechanics Extraction, organic solvents are not present and times are shorter than with traditional extraction techniques. It has been patented worldwide and industrially implemented by Tomates del Guadiana. Organic solvents are not used in the process. We use tomato pulp as a source for the production of lycopene so waste is not an issue. When dissolved in oil, this substance is almost entirely absorbed, thus power consumption is decreased.

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