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This document has the purpose of stablishing and regulating the rules of use for the website (from now on “the Site”) meaning as the Site all the pages and its contents as property of Tomates del Guadiana. S. Coop. to which the access is through the domain and its subdomains.

The use of the Site attributes the condition of User of the Site and implies the acceptance of all the terms included in this Legal notice. The User commits to read carefully this Legal Notice each time where is intended to use the Site because this Site and its conditions of use collected in this Legal Notice may suffer modifications.

All the notices may be reviewed at any time by the user through our website.

2.- Ownership of the website

The owner of this Site is Tomates del Guadiana, S. Coop whose registered office is Tomates del Guadiana, S. Coop, Ctra. De Yelbes, s/n., C.P. 06410 at Santa Amalia, Badajoz in Spain with VAT number: F-06351530.
Please contact us on telephone number +34 924 800011 or the email

3. Intellectual and industrial property
The intellectual property rights from this site are owned by Tomates del Guadiana, S. Coop., or the rights from third parties which it has authorisation from when is needed.
The partial or full not authorized reproduction, distribution, commercialisation o transformation of the content from the Site, constitutes the violation from the intellectual property rights of Tomates del Guadiana, S.Coop. .Equally, all the brands or distinctive signs of any kind in the Site are protected by Law.
The not authorised use of the information in this Site, as the damages caused in the intellectual and industrial property rights of Tomates del Guadiana, S. Coop., may lead to the exercise of the corresponding legal actions and, it proceeds, to the responsibilities which are derived from this exercise.
In the case that the products from our online store were susceptible of protection by intellectual property, Tomates del Guadiana, S. Coop. guarantees being authorised to manage the acquisition and the charge of the product to the client.

4- Disclaimer

The content, programs, information and/or advices expresses on this Site must be understood as simply orientative. Tomates del Guadiana, S. Coop., does not answer in any way from the effectiveness or accuracy from those being exempt of any kind of contractual or extracontractual responsibility with the Users who make use of them, according to their own criteria.
In this Site contents by third parties or companies can be published, Tomates del Guadiana, S. Coop., does not answer of the veracity and accuracy of those contents, being exempt of any contractual or extracontractual responsibility with the Users which may use those contents.
Tomates del Guadiana, S. Coop. reserves the right to modify the content of the Site without previous notice and without any kind of limitation.
Tomates del Guadiana, S. Coop. declines any responsibility for the occasional damages which may be caused by the lack of availability and/or continuity of this Site and of the services offered in it.
Tomates del Guadiana, S. Coop. does not guarantee the absence of virus or any other elements in the website which can create alterations in the informatic system. Tomates del Guadiana, S. Coop., declines any contractual or extracontractual responsibility with the Users than make of their own and had damages of any nature caused by computer viruses or by computer elements of any kind.
Tomates del Guadiana, S. Coop., declines any kind of responsibility for the services that eventually may come in the Site by third parties.
Tomates del Guadiana, S. Coop., declines any kind of responsibility for the services and/or the borrowed information in other Sites linked to this one. Tomates del Guadiana, S. Coop., does not control or exercise any kind of supervision in third parties websites. We advice to the Users of this other websites to act cautiously and consult the eventual legal conditions exposed on those websites.
The Users who send any kind of information to Tomates del Guadiana, S. Coop., commit themselves to send truthful information which does not infringe any right from third parties nor the current law.

5- Terms of use for the users
The access to this Site is free except the cost to connect through the telecom net supplied by the operator hired by the users.
It is completely forbidden the use of the Site for harmful purposes of goods or interests of Tomates del Guadiana, S. Coop. or third parties or in any other way which overload, damage or disable the net, servers and the rest of the computer devices (hardware) or products and app (software) of Tomates del Guadiana, S. Coop., or third parties.
In the case that the User had knowledge that the linked Sites refer to pages whose contents or services are illicit, harmful, denigrating, violent or contraries to the moral, we would thank them to get in contact with Tomates del Guadiana, S. Coop.,

6- Personal data protection policy

You may consult or Personal data protection policy in the our website at the Privacy policy space.

7- Cookies
Cookies serve to improvement the performance of the website. The art.4 of the Royal Law-decree 13/2012 from the 30th of March modifies the Law 34/2002 from the 11th of July of services of the society of the information and the e-commerce, stablishing as a requirement the obtaining of signed consent before it gets stored or given access to the information of the user terminal in certain cases.
If we use another type of cookies rather than the necessary ones , you could consult the cookies policy in the corresponding link since the beginning of the web.

8- Legislation
Tomates del Guadiana, S. Coop, informs you that this Legal Notice is governed in every and each of its extremes by the Spanish law. This contract is established in Spanish language.
9- Contact us
Please contact us if you have any doubt about the expressed terms in the Legal Notice or if you would like to make any suggestion or recommendation.

Ctra. De Yelbes s/n . Apto. de correos nº 22
06410 Santa Amalia, (Badajoz)
Phone: 0034 924 82 00 11

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Cookies policy:

According to the Law 34/2002 from the 11th of July about Services of the Information Society and e-commerce we inform you that this website use cookies to improve and optimize the experience of the user. Then, you will find detailed information about what the “Cookies” are, what typology use this website, how to chance the settings of its cookies and what happen if they are disabled.

¿ What are the cookies?

A cookie is a file which is downloaded in your computer when access to certain websites. The cookies allow to a website, among other things, to store and recover information about the habits of navigation of an user or of his device and, depending of the information which may contain and the way his device use it, may be used to recognise the user.

What kind of cookies use this website?

Analytical cookies: This cookies, well managed by us or third parties, allow us to recognise and count the number of visitors and to see how visitors move around our website when they are using it. This helps us to improve the offer of products and services we offer.
Advertising cookies: This cookies, well managed by us or third parties, allow us to manage in the most efficient way the of the advertising spaces which are in the website, suiting the content of the ad to the content of the required service or the use which the website makes of it. To do so, we can analyse their navigation habits in Internet and we can show them advertising related with their navigation profile.
Cookies from third parties: Supplied by them.

_ga It is used to distinguish the users 2 years
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_gat It is used to limit the percentage of requests 1 minute
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_utmt It is used to limit the percentage of request 10 minutes
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_utmc It is not used in ga.js . It is settled to interact with urchin.js. End of session
_utmz It stores the source of the traffic or the campaign which explains how the user has reached the site. 6 months
_utmv It is used to store data from custom variables of the visitor

What happen if the Cookies are disabled?
Some of the functions of the Services and areas of this website may not work correctly if the cookies are disabled.

Do we update our Cookies policy?

It is possible that we update our Cookies Policy of our website, therefore, we recommend you to review this policy every time you access to our website with the purpose of being properly informed about how and what use the cookies for.
How can I set the Cookies?
If you enter and continue in our website, you will be accepting the use of Cookies in the conditions expressed in the Cookies Policy. As user, you have the chance to exercise the right to block, erase and reject the use of Cookies, at any moment, modifying the options in your browser.
For example:
Microsoft edge: Setting> Advanced configuration> Cookies
Mozilla firefox: Tools> Options>Privacity>Historia>Customed configuration
Consult the support of Mozilla or the help of the Navigator
Google Chrome: Setting> Show advanced options> Privacity> Setting of content
Safari (Apple): Settings> security
Consult the support of Apple or the Help of the navigator
Opera (Opera software): Setting> Option> Advanced> Cookies
Consult the support of Opera o the Help of the navigator
If you use other navigator, please consult their installation policy, use and blocking of cookies. Nevertheless, using the tool you will be able to find useful information and configurate, supplier by supplier, their preferences about the cookies.

Are there only cookies?

Other website may use different formats of similar storage to the cookies but with more capacity, like other forms of local storage of date in the device of the client, for example:

LocalStorage and sessionStorage of HTML5: Space that the website used in the device of the user. Normally, erasing the navigation record can be removed.
The “Local Shared Objetcs” of Flash (the “isolated storage” of Silverlight): They got stored in the file of Microsoft where is the profile of the user. It needs to get in the file and erase it (Example: The videos of Vimeo) Flash serves to add multimedia elements in a web, and store files in the device for it.
The web beacon serves to track your activity, inserting a mini-image which is not perceptible. When you navigate by the web, it is loaded along with the page and the server from where the picture is downloaded, register the hour of access or the times that you have accessed.
This files are more intrusives than the cookies due to the fact that they are harder to erase, save more information and they are independents to the navigator which you may use. We don’t use this kind of storage.